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A True Epicurean in Mind, Body and Soul!


When I was a small child, my Mother would hand me her plastic measuring cups and wooden spoons to play at the kitchen table while she prepared the family meal. At a very young age, that was my first “hands-on” experience in the kitchen. My Mother was a wonderful cook and a great teacher of her culinary skills. Her cooking was simple, traditional and prepared with the best ingredients available. It was her basic skills and technique that influenced and developed my talents for cooking later in life.

Growing up in the farm country of Central Pennsylvania, I was surrounded by all the wonderful fresh ingredients available for the kitchen table. I remember going to the Farmers Market with my Grandmother. The century old market house was filled with rows of wooden white and green painted stands. The smells were so wonderful; even in my mind today I can still smell them as if I was there. There were the farmers with their garden crisp produce. The Amish women had their freshly baked pies, cakes, breads and pastries. The butcher’s case was filled with tender and juicy red meats, smoked hams and sausages. At the seafood mongers you would find a long chilly bed of chipped ice filled with fresh treats from the sea, surrounded with the spicy aroma of hot steamed shrimp. There were also stands with homemade salads, farm fresh eggs gathered that same early morning, hand made candy, fresh flowers and herbs, tender chicken, turkey and rabbit.

As I grew older, my Mother would give me the responsibility of preparing the family dinner on special occasions. It was a big apron to fill, but my Mothers training had given me the knowledge to make it happen. Often, there were more dirty dishes than clean when the meal was complete, but I had managed to get the meal on the table.

I purchased my first cookbook when I moved into my very first apartment at the age of 21. It was a James Beard cookbook and I practiced my skills by cooking from it on the weekends. My collection of cookbooks grew as my interest continued to grow. I found that PBS offered some great cooking shows. A wonderful and inspiring woman by the name of Julia Child brought a lot of interesting information to the screen. I wanted to learn everything she had to offer.

Later I entered the culinary world on a professional level. I worked for a large restaurant. I did many different jobs from ordering all the supplies to working in the commissary and prepping food for the restaurant and catering events. The taste of a professional career pushed my interest for more.

My friendships grew with people I met while pursuing my love for food. These were people who shared my enthusiasm for the outstanding food I craved.
One of those friendships led to a partnership in the restaurant business, an eight year adventure into the depths of the culinary world. Lots of hard work and many lesson learned that have carried me further in life.

Today I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, just minutes from the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, where boats bring to the shore many wonderful delights for our kitchen tables. The sandy soil produces a beautiful yield of produce and the poultry farms raise beautiful chickens that fill our stock pots.

I explore the culinary world today from my kitchen and computer. My explorations take me near and far with the addition of the World Wide Web. I have met culinary friends from every corner of this big beautiful world. Every day I continue to feed my appetite for more culinary adventure.

I would like to share with you what I have learned and hopefully inspire you with new ideas. And I would like to hear from you, share in your culinary adventures. I look forward to your comments and emails.

Welcome to my kitchen!